Our curators at Camden Coffee Roastery source beans that have been carefully cultivated in Africa, Americas and Asia, giving us a wide variety of options. We then light to medium roast each batch slowly according to traditional methods with the so-called ‘slow roast artisan technique’. This ensure that we make a maximum use of the natural taste and aromas of the coffee beans. This is one of the secrets behind our full and rich coffee blends. These blends are pure nature, making our coffees not only delicious, but also a healthy choice. There are four main areas of operations in Camden Coffee Roastery comprising of our open-view roasting facility that takes central stage, a workshop area built for many types of learning needs and a 'Coffee Tasting Centrepiece Table' for coffee cupping or hand brewing experience, a wholesale + domestic retails space and lastly, an electric café space with a large terrace at the heart of Camden Market - Hawley Wharf where you can sip the freshest brews from a wide range of well-known and lesser-known coffee specialities + premium teas complemented with some of the tastiest baked goods.