Bariseur Joy Resolve Black ➕ 4 Best Coffee Pack ➕ Hario Grinder

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2 • Hario Mini-Slim PRO Grinder
W150 × D74 × H210mm
Stainless Steel, Ceramic Burr
1 • Your Bedside Barista
Perfect Temperature
Barisieur brews at 94°C to deliver a perfect brew
Unique Technology
Induction heats the boiling vessel quickly and efficiently while keeping the rest of the machine cool
Peltier Refridgeration
A peltier cooled fridge holds 2 to 3 servings of milk. Keeping it cold 24/7
Genuine Hardwoods
Each tray is machined from solid hardwoods and hand-polished.
3 • Four Best Coffees Bundle
🌍 AFRICA / Fruity
ETHIOPIA - Grade 1
🌏 ASIA / Juicy
INDIA - Gems of Araku
🌎 AMERICAS / Nutty
COLOMBIA - Misty Valley
🌐 BLEND / Chocolaty

THE MACHINEBarisieur Tea and Coffee Brewing alarm clock 100% plastic; vessels 100% glass; hardware 100% stainless steel Includes: Glass Mug...

This machine will be delivered with a complimentary 4 Coffee Tasting Pack of our best sellers.
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Barisieur Tea and Coffee Brewing alarm clock

  • 100% plastic; vessels 100% glass; hardware 100% stainless steel
  • Includes: Glass Mug 150ml, Milk Vessel 30ml, Boiling Vessel 200ml, Glass and Reusable Filter Dripper, Set Up Guide and Warranty, power cable with UK & EU plug adapter 1.2m
  • Brews at 94C, smart mini-fridge, stainless-steel 5-gram scoop, drawer, holds a week's worth of grounds, auto shut-off feature
  • Weight: 2.5kg
  • Wipe with a damp cloth



    - AFRICA / ETHIOPIA - Sidama G1 / Bright & fruity with aromatic notes letting through hints of a crisp citrusy mouthfeel with an intense floral aroma

    - ASIA / INDIA - Gems of Araku (100% Arabica) / Sensory journey like no other made of vibrant burst of juicy berries dancing with the sweetness of dried plums on the palate and nuanced bouquet of a delicate fragrance 

    - AMERICAS / COLOMBIA - Misty Valley / Exceptional medium body with mellow-citric, yellow fruits such as pineapple and a nuttiness

    - BLEND / CAMDEN MARKET - Our House Signature full body featuring a fruity flavour and a gorgeous chocolaty after-taste sourced from our stronger farming partners.


    Hario Mini-Slim PRO Coffee Grinder (Stainless Steel)

    The Hario Mini-Slim PRO Coffee Grinder features a modern design, durable black stainless steel body and reinforced hexagonal adapter with die-cast aluminum handle for increased grind consistency and reduced wear. The ceramic burr mill is easily adjusted for right grind coarseness, providing a consistent grind for perfect, fresh coffee. The The Hario Mini-Slim PRO Coffee Grinder's small, lightweight and slim design makes for easy storage and travel - and can be stored without handle. This coffee grinder also features a transparent lid with silicone grip.

    Hario Mini-Slim PRO Coffee Grinder Additional Information:

    • Dimensions: W150 × D74 × H210mm
    • 24g Capacity
    • Materials: Stainless Steel, Ceramic Burr